Making Midevenings

Editor needed! Should be funny. Should like cats. Should be able to edit. All applications welcome!

So Jay finally secured a budget for Midevenings. Naturally, the first thing he decided to do was to hire a professional editor. The budget isn’t that great, though, so one of you amateur editors will have to do.

Jay was surprised with the response for the position, and has decided that an editorial fight to the death was in order. Do the best with the footage that you can scrounge up, and maybe Jay will honor you with the title of Editor of Midevenings.

Or maybe he won’t. Jay can be fickle like that.

Making Midevenings is a competitive card game for 2 to 5 players. Take on the challenge of editing the best hand of footage possible to deliver compelling episodes to the adoring public access television masses. Overcome technical difficulties that seem hell-bent on messing with your editing flow. The player that brings in the most viewers with their beautifully edited shows is the winner!


You can buy Making Midevenings HERE!